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Binds are codes that you can write to the console
(open the console with the ^ key) in order to buy weapons
faster, or say something without writing. or rename
using only a keyboard shortcut! Also solves the
annoying problem of 60 sec

Weapon Binds
/ bind f4 cg_buy weapon_peacemaker

Command to buy weapons

Remington Model 1858 = weapon_remington58
weapon_schofield = Smith & Wesson Schofield
weapon_peacemaker = Colt Peacemaker

Winchester Model 1866 = weapon_winch66
weapon_lightning = Colt Lightning
weapon_sharps = Sharps Rifle

Remington 12 Gauge = weapon_shotgun
weapon_sawedoff = Sawed-Off Shotgun
Winchester Model 1897 = weapon_winch97

Commands to buy items (Misc)

weapon_dynamite = Dynamite
weapon_molotov = Molotov Cocktail
weapon_knife = knife

item_boiler_plate = boiler plate
= munitions belt item_belt
ammo_bullets = pistol ammo
ammo_cartridges = secondary ammo (the other)

Rename command to fast

Lon rename bind f3
bind f4 rename lon2
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